Gymgum vs energy drinks

Gymgum vs energy drinks

Not getting that essential boost from your energy drink? Tired of the same old flavours? Want to try something new to enhance your performance in the gym? Gymgum is the world’s first energy formula gum designed for serious athletes and casual gymgoers to help elevate performance and take their game to the next level.

Gymgum’s premium energy gum is the perfect way to deliver all the essential ingredients for your workout. It’s time to get rid of your pre-workout powders and energy drinks and enjoy the latest revolution in sports science nutrition. Read on to find out more.

Supercharged caffeine absorption that beats energy drinks

Caffeine is an excellent ingredient that helps to unlock extra performance in the gym to give you the best results in your training, being an essential component of energy drinks as it is proven to help improve various aspects of performance. With traditional energy drinks or coffee, caffeine is absorbed slowly through the digestive system, meaning often the caffeine won’t kick in and it won’t be an effective performance enhancer for your session. However, with gum all the good stuff is absorbed through the mouth directly into the bloodstream, providing an immediate caffeine boost that can’t be matched! With Gymgum this happens 5x as fast as a typical energy drink! 

Fluid free energy boost

Any sportsperson/gymgoer/general fitness enthusiast will tell you that a full stomach of liquids sloshing around is incredibly frustrating and can actually hinder performance. Unfortunately, when you drink energy drinks there is no way to avoid this especially if you want to consume the entire caffeine dose then you are forced to finish your can or bottle! Experts advise that you don’t drink too much before the gym or you’ll suffer the consequences: that’s where Gymgum comes in. Energy gum eliminates the need to drink liquids, reducing bloating and giving you the increased energy and heightened concentration, letting you smash your athletic goals.


Healthier boost energy with no sugar or bad stuff

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just be more careful with what you put into your body, cutting back on the heaps of sugar and other junk ingredients that energy drinks are full of is essential for your health and longevity. Containing up to 35g of sugar per serving, energy drinks take you way over your recommended daily limit and studies indicate that the negative effects of energy drinks far outweigh any potential benefits. Gymgum’s powerful pre-workout chewing gum is packed with a range of scientifically proven healthy ingredients such as green tea which contains health bioactive compounds and antioxidants which lower the risk of cancers. Also, Gymgum is sugar free while delivering a great tasting refreshing experience unlike sugar loaded energy drinks which damage the teeth of frequent drinkers.

Precisely measured dosage of key ingredients

Headaches, anxiety, insomnia and a rapid heartbeat are some of the unpleasant side effects of energy drinks. Nastier side effects of caffeine intoxication which happens then individuals consume too much caffeine includes vomiting, seizures, increased blood pressure and arrhythmia. This happens because many energy drinks contain subpar doses of key ingredients like caffeine, which often results in users overdosing on drink which tanks their performance and ability to concentrate in the gym. Gymgum prevents this by delivering energy gums which are contain the optimal dosage to achieve peak performance, ensuring that you won’t suffer any unwanted side effects.


If you want to swap your energy drinks for Gymgum’s energy formula chewing gum then you can get your Gymgum here. 

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