Why gum is a better pre-workout than powder

Why gum is a better pre-workout than powder

Do you feel unmotivated and tired before workouts? Are you losing concentration when working out?  Are you bored of chugging back powders and shakes that don’t taste nice? Are you feeling stressed and want to achieve a calm state of focus? If you’re looking for the solution to any your problems, then Gymgum has the answer in the form of our game changing pre-workout chewing gum.


Pre-workout supplements are fantastic for boosting concentration and helping you get into the zone so you can smash your workouts and hit your goals. But pre-workout powders have many flaws, ranging from taste, inconvenience, side effects and much more. The simple act of chewing gum is the perfect alternative for anyone on their fitness journey with many advantages over powder-based supplements. Gymgum pre-workout chewing gum is the world’s #1 gum and for good reason: it offers a new science-based way to get energised and raise your performance through the roof. Here’s why you should try Gymgum over powders:

Much faster caffeine absorption with Gymgum

Caffeine is an essential component of any pre-workout, helping to improve various aspects of performance. But pre-workout powders and shakes, which are absorbed through the liver, can have slower uptake time meaning the powder won’t kick in and it won’t be an effective performance enhancer for your session. With caffeine chewing gum the caffeine is absorbed through the mouth, allowing for a faster rate of caffeine absorption – this happens 5x as fast as a typical energy drink! 


Science based blend with no fluff or harsh chemicals that cause side effects

Scientists at leading sports science Loughborough University agree that chewing gum is best way to inject caffeine. Pre-workout powders which can contain unwanted ingredients that cause digestive upset and other uncomfortable side effects, such as the unpleasant tingling caused by beta alanine or the skin-flushing niacin which creates red patches on the body. Gymgum is designed to be a calorie-free supplement that contains only essential and proven active ingredients in carefully selected quantities such as l-theanine, green tea and caffeine which act together to keep the body in optimum condition and enhance focus.


Simple and refreshing taste of gum is superior to powders

It’s no secret that with a lot of pre-workouts powders you just have to stomach the bad taste. Some manufacturers try to overpower disgusting ingredients with unhealthy sweeteners or acid, which are more unwanted ingredients in your pre-workout. Instead, Gymgum’s flagship Artic Mint flavour will keep you refreshed and cool thanks to its long-lasting taste. Our unique taste is what makes Gymgum the best pre-workout gum! 



Convenience of pre-workout gum beats powder any day

No need to bother with the hassle of washing your shaker or worry about what ingredients you should add to your pre-workout to make it taste better. Instead, just chew some refreshing Gymgum 10 minutes before you get to the gym or start your activity, and feel the pre-workout gum charge you up for your session! 


Stress-relieving qualities help you to focus on your workout 

Chewing gym is shown to have stress-relieving capabilities, which makes it the perfect way to dial in your mind and body for a session in the gym. Unlike powders (which can actually cause anxiety in some cases where ingredients are mis dosed according to experts at Healthline, scientists have observed that chewing gum increases alertness, lower stress levels, and improve overall performance which will ultimately help you to achieve a focused and alert state of mind.


You can get your Gymgum here. Unleash your potential and get a clean boost of energy to take your workouts to the next level.

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