Pre-Workout Gum




Chances are you’re wise to the fact that caffeine is a performance enhancer. The most widely used “drug” in the world has been shown in study after study to help athletes run faster, bike harder, lift more, and jump higher. But gone are the days of waiting in line for a barista to shout your name.

Gymgum is the world's first pre-workout chewing gum. In recent years, caffeine has been popping up in all kinds of sports fuels, from gels to chews. And the latest delivery method promises an even faster jolt: chewing gum. Gymgum was created by athletes for athletes. Gymgum has quickly risen to be one of the best pre-workouts , each gum contains 90mg of caffeine per piece, along with taurine (an amino acid found in meat and fish that supports brain development).

So why is Gymgum the best pre-workout ? 

Due to Gymgum being a chewing gum, the caffeine is absorbed into the bloodstream straight through the lining of your cheeks. Plus, absorption through the skin has the potential to increase its bioavailability, giving you more oomph from fewer milligrams. Also, chewing any kind of gum has been shown to increase alertness, lower stress, and improve performance which is why Gymgum is such a good pre-workout / energy gum.

So far the data looks promising. One recent study from New Zealand found that caffeinated gum gave cyclists a stronger final push, increasing their power output during the final 10km of a 30km workout by nearly 4%.
Description of Gymgum:
Unlock energy and focus 5x faster with GYMGUM, the world’s first pre-workout chewing gum. Our sugar-free Artic Mint flavour will instantly charge you up, and the caffeine + taurine blend follows through to give you a sharp cognitive and performance boost. Don’t let harsh and acidic liquids weigh you down. Just chew gum and elevate your workouts – a single gum is more potent and convenient than the typical coffee or energy drink!
  • Chew the gum 5 minutes before a workout or sport session
  • Get a boost up to 5x faster than energy drinks + coffees due to caffeine absorption though the membranes in your mouth
  • After 5-10 minutes you can expect a very clean boost in focus and energy
  • Take 2 gum if you have a significantly high caffeine tolerance ( 2 gum = 180mg caffeine )

Verified Reviews :

- " Gymgum is the best pre-workout and i cannot stop using it! " (Henry A)

- " i don't like old pre-workouts. Gymgum is perfect for good energry for the gym "( Mhet R )

- "Gymgum, the caffeinated chewing gum, is so good for being an amazing pre-workout!!!" - Maddy M